Thailand Ministries
Who We Are

We are the Barlow's, Jim & Phyllis, Baptist Missionaries to the Nation of Thailand. For the past
two years we have worked alongside of Bro. Tommy Tillman veteran  missionary for twenty five
years in Thailand. Prior to Thailand I served as Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Bay St Louis,
Mississippi, the home church of Bro. Tommy Tillman. In the past twenty five years there has been
over 32 churches established, along with outreach ministries to the lepers, homeless children, and
the handicapped.
It has been an honour for us to work with Bro. Tillman these past two years as a missionary to
Thailand and to have been his pastor prior to the mission field.
Jim Barlow
We Are Not Alone
Although Thailand Ministries was founded, and being directed by Bro. Jim Barlow, we have been commissioned and sent out by
"Hilltop Baptist Church" located in Riceville, Tennessee.
Seeing the need for us to have a home mission board, Dr. Fred Russell pastor of Hilltop Baptist Church has started "Hilltop Baptist
Missions" to accept and distribute support for the "Thailand Ministries"
Hilltop Baptist Missions Address

Hilltop Baptist Missions
P.O. Box 3061
Riceville, TN. 37370

Phone: 423-462-2501
The Barlow's

2010 Spring Place Rd. S.E.
Box 320
Cleveland, TN. 37323

Phone: 423-263-1808
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Our Goals For the Future

The time has come for us to step out by faith and start our own mission projects in Thailand. God has laid upon our
hearts to try and reach the un-reached. These will include, but not limited to, the lepers, handicapped adults,
handicapped children, and homeless children of Northern Thailand.
We are in the process of filling the papers to form "Thailand Ministries Foundation". This will enable us to
purchase land, build, and operate our ministries all legal under Thai law.

We first went to Thailand with the very minimum in support for us to live on. If we are to expand our ministry we
must have an increase in support, not personal support but support for Thailand Ministries, to purchase land, build,
and operate.

Our first Goal at this time is to raise enough support to rent a large enough house to start a church in and at the
same time bring in some needy children. This house will be sufficient until God provides enough for us to purchase
land and build a home for the children and handicapped. We will need to house, feed, provide medical care and
educate the children. We have cut this cost to the very minimum of $50.00 per month per child.

To our knowledge there is no Independent Baptist ministry such as this in northern

Where Do We Get Our Children?

From the streets, hospitals, and human services. Many children are orphans because of both parents dying from
aids, and drugs.  Many children are not wanted, because parents can't afford to raise them.
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We have the land and construction is
Our June Prayer Letter is now published