New Life Ministries Thailand
Lepers in Need
Thailand is known as the "Land of Smiles" yet you
see no smiles on the faces of these lepers. They sit
daily in their doorway not able to go anywhere other
then crawl to the bathroom or bed. Many have no
hands left, nor feet. Some are fitted with prostheses
yet still can't walk.

Can you imagine sitting daily slowly watching body
parts start turning to soars, and then eventually fall
off. What do they have to smile about?

They are living in deplorable conditions the
government provided many years ago, run down and
in much need of repair.

Every time we visit we here the same thing, "Can
you help us"?
We have been offered this large lot in
the middle of this leper village if we
would build a place to house some of
these forgotten people.

Our best estimate is $40.000. As you
can see we would have to haul in dirt
and build the land up to prevent
flooding during the monsoon. Then
construct two buildings that would
house 15 men and 15 ladies. A small
home for someone to live in to oversee
and take care of their needs, a kitchen,
and last but not least a church for them
to attend. Bro. Sutin and I would be
there weekly to preach too and teach
these lepers.
Our best estimate on monthly expense to take care of 30 lepers would be less then $1000 a month. You may be
saying Bro. Jim, $40.000 is a lot to ask for.  Mark 10:27 "And Jesus looking upon them saith,
With men it is
impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

No donation is to small. We have heard a lot about earmarks lately in the news, but this is one earmark that will
return eternal dividends.

You could help us start this ministry from ground up by sending your donation to:

New Life Ministry
PO Box 3061
Riceville, TN. 37370
Christmas With the Lepers 2008
Our children passed out gifts and sang Christmas Carols to the lepers