New Life Ministries Thailand
Full Time Missionaries

We need men and women who are sold out to serve God and take the gospel of the Lord Jesus
Christ to the people of Thailand.

Be of same doctrine. Strictly KJV Bible.

Age limit

Part Time Volunteers

English Teachers

We need Volunteers who are willing to spend at least three months teaching English in our
Children's Home.

No experience required other the being able to speak English fluently

Age Limit

18 or older,  also we require a letter of recommendation from your pastor

Married couples retired or otherwise are welcome


If you feel you can teach Guitar, Electric Piano, or Violin, and willing to spend a minimum of
one month  in Thailand working with our kids at the Children's Home, then we can use you.


Must be 18 or older,  must have  a letter of recommendation from your pastor

Married couples retired or otherwise are welcome.

Requirments to enter Thailand

Passport and Tourist Visa for stays up to 60 days


Round trip flight approx. $1500 depending on your location ( We may be able to get your
ticket cheaper)

Round trip from Bangkok to Chiang Rai   approx $160

Spending money will depend upon you desire for shopping

Housing and three meals a day will be provided by Thailand Ministries

If interested please contact us by email at

or call the office

Volunteer Pictures
Can't come to Thailand and not ride an elephant or try your luck at charming a snake

Ms. Ashley Gordon of Temple Baptist Church Reserve, New Mexico

Playing the keyboard as we hold church at Chayphruk a Lisu Hill Tribe Village
Taking a break from keyboard lessons, teaching English, practicing for the Christmas program, and sewing Costumes
to play a little Thai handball with the girls.
We searched everywhere for a doll to use in the manger with no luck.
Ms Ashley decides to just make one. OK maybe it looks more like the Apostle Paul, but she still did a great job.