New Life Ministries Thailand
January/February 2014 Prayer Letter
                                                                                                                                      January/February 2014

Dear Church and Faithful Supporters

Our revival ran Jan.20–23 with Evangelist Dean McNeese preaching. What a great and blessed
few days we had together. The kids loved him and he loved the kids.  He preached two messages
a night one to the kids which was translated and one to all of us who spoke English. Most of the
kids had no idea what he was saying yet they were yelling “Amen!” We had one young man get
saved, announced his call to become a missionary and wanted me to teach him how to preach,
now to that I can yell, “Amen!”  Before departing Bro. Dean promised the kids he would be back
next year. This time he is bringing some young preacher boys with him to the mission field.

Pray for the nation of Thailand, for the last two months they have been in the streets of Bangkok
protesting. There has already been loss of life, this seems to happen about every two years over
here, and has just become a way of life it seems. If they cannot vote a government out they
protest until that government is forced out of office. Since we are 475 miles north we are safe,
and here life goes on as usual.

 We have had three go through our home and graduate from high school. One, Boon Chu will
graduate this year as a village M.D., Star, graduated last year and is a nurse’s aid down near
Bangkok, Surapol, will graduate next year with a M.D. degree. I have two that will graduate this
year, Akaphunt is going to college to become a teacher, and Branee is coming to the US with us
to see if this is where she wants to live and work if she can get a green card, please pray it
works out for her. Her parents (the family that raised her) went and borrowed and worked the
money out to get her ticket hoping she can make a better life for herself.
All of these young people came to us with a hope of just finishing the 9th grade then have to quit
school get a job to help out at home, God has truly blessed our young people.

February 2nd I will turn 69, my wife Phyllis is spending her last time over here due to health
problems which makes it too difficult to travel. Pray my health holds up a few more years until
God sends someone to take my place. Until then I’ll just keep on keepin on for the Lord.
Jim Barlow